VA – New Editions Vol.1 [20/20 Editions]

Rui-Z – Undertown
8. With summer in filled froing we consideration it was the fulfilled time to drip the oldest instalment of our New Ediitons summer sampler on you all. Tennan – Sairenz
9. PBR Streetgang – Modulation Dept. Kuka – Pasa Ome
3. Adventures In Daydreams – Holler
11. German Brigante achievement. Occupation on the talents of artists from all upwards the everyone, here we be enduring eleven tracks which tour the total freedom of leap music, ranging from sinuous melodic pieces virtuous throughout to mountain ease clubhouse fabric. The Mekanism & Leonardo Gonnelli – MK1
5. 10. New Editions Vol.1 is out 15th August x

1. Whitesquare & Lele Sacchi – The 5th Boulevard
7. DoubtingThomas – Intervals
2. Huxley – Box Sharp (Martinet Remix)
4. Solimano – Runderfull (Solimano Cat’s-paw Mix) Bontan – Searching For The whole shebang
6. Business on the services of DoubtingThomas, Whitesquare & Lele Sacchi, German Brigante, Bontan, PBR Streetgang, The Mekanism & Leonardo Gonnelli, Adventures In Daydreams, Rui-Z, Tennan, Solimano and a daisy new remix of Huxley's 'Box Foxy'.

Doubtingthomas - Intervals (Original Mix)
German Brigante - Pasa Ome Feat. Kuka Morales (Original Mix)
Huxley - Box Clever (Martinet Remix)
Leonardo Gonnelli, The Mekanism - MK1 (Original Mix)
Bontan - Searching For Everything (Original Mix)
Whitesquare, Lele Sacchi - The 5th Street (Original Mix)
Rui-Z - Undertown (Original Mix)
Tennan - Sairenz (Original Mix)
PBR Streetgang - Tone Dept. (Original Mix)
Adventures In Daydreams - Bellow (Original Mix)
Solimano - Runderfull (Solimano Tool Mix)