VA – New Blood 016 [Hospital Records]

Electronic music – an awesome symbiosis of cultural traditions from approximately the sphere

Receptor - Magnetism (Original Mix)
Insect - Waterbombs (Original Mix)
Lurch - Weather Change (Original Mix)
Milkyway - Far Away (Original Mix)
Ilk, Lynch Kingsley - Spells (Original Mix)
Nami - Through the Night (Original Mix)
Oshirijima - Peace (Original Mix)
Sun - Roots (Original Mix)
Polaris - Found You (Original Mix)
Neve - Magic Flute (Original Mix)
Pearse Hawkins - Hawkshaw (Original Mix)
Integer - Ursa Minor (Original Mix)
MT, Distant Future - Hardware (Original Mix)
Hiddenwave - Everything (Original Mix)
Against - Blood Shards (Original Mix)
Missing - Back to Jungle (Original Mix)
Surie - Pathfinder (Original Mix)
Various Artists - New Blood 016 (Continuous DJ Mix)