VA – Mysterious Station. The First Attack. (mixed By Dr Riddle) [Mysterious Station]

Since the outset of ID's start has been more than one year. And we are proud to up to date our enter compilation:
Curious Position. Compilation also includes a mix from the nickname possessor: Dr Puzzle,
and contains particular additions of clannish tracks
not at one time published on the label. This album features 11 transmit versions of upcoming releases of our identifier. All this convenience life, our rig of artists worked for you. Clasp a journey into the planet of on one’s toes Uplifting,
black Tech Ecstasy and hidden motives of Psy Half-consciousness! The Primary Rush. That was firm way, help of try-out and mistake, nonetheless,
we constantly put in our clique, the humankind of Daze music!

ToShuk - Refuge Of Rays (Radio Edit)
Stella Project - Mysterious Euphoria (Radio Edit)
Marco Mc Neil - Horizons (Radio Edit)
9eek - Weed Out (Radio Edit)
MK&TW - Harder2Yourself (Radio Edit)
Tau-Rine - Amino Acids (Radio Edit)
Tau-Rine - Darkness (Radio Edit)
Highforcer - Nightwing (Radio Edit)
NX-Trance - Us (Radio Edit)
Blacklisted - The Doom Bar (Radio Edit)
Alex Phade - Cortana (Radio Edit)
Dr Riddle - Mysterious Station. The First Attack. (Continuous DJ Mix)