VA – My Achive [Mondotunes]

All songs Produced by M. Chambers (DJ .)

Except for :

As Long As I Got You – D. Knott ( Super Dave)

Gotta LetMe Know -T. Butler ( Terry-T)

Have you Ever -T. Butler ( Terry-T )

Just a brief thank you to all my folks and family that helped in any way or motivated me to put this out even though I had a lot of people and personal obstacles trying to hold me back. Thank you to my Heavenly Father for helping me push through some tough times. Thank you too my earthly father for showing me how to go get it and not to expect anybody to give anything to me. Thank you too my mother for passing down your natural talents that you are still hiding from the world lol, and doing your best to raise me right. Crazy love to my children for being beautiful and for helping me understand what a man is when I was so young.

DJ F.A.T.S. - Doubt (Original Mix)
DJ F.A.T.S. feat. Charles Mccauley, Nerve, II Incognito - Fats On the Beat feat. Charles Mccauley, Nerve and II Incognito (Original Mix)
DJ F.A.T.S. feat. Father Dom - Dollars and Sense feat. Father Dom (Original Mix)
DJ F.A.T.S. feat. Capital Tax - Green feat. Capital Tax (Original Mix)
DJ F.A.T.S. feat. Aristotle The Great - As Long as I Got You feat. Aristotle The Great (Original Mix)
DJ F.A.T.S. - A Day for Lovin (Original Mix)
DJ F.A.T.S. feat. Terry - T - Have You Ever feat. Terry - T (Original Mix)
DJ F.A.T.S. feat. II Incognito - Heat That I Got feat. II Incognito (Original Mix)
DJ F.A.T.S. feat. Ree Cee, J. Dubb (of The TrunK BOIZ ) - So Oakland feat. Ree Cee and J. Dubb (of The TrunK BOIZ ) (Original Mix)
DJ F.A.T.S. feat. Myron Glasper - Be Alright feat. Myron Glasper (Original Mix)
DJ F.A.T.S. feat. Terry - T, Kinece Sinigal - Gotta Let Me Know feat. Terry - T and Kinece Sinigal (Original Mix)
DJ F.A.T.S. feat. Laurice Brown - Ooh Baby feat. Laurice Brown (Original Mix)
DJ F.A.T.S. feat. Sunni Ali - Make It Slap feat. Sunni Ali (Original Mix)
DJ F.A.T.S. feat. Marquis Canaan - These 3 Words feat. Marquis Canaan (Original Mix)
DJ F.A.T.S. - Still with Me (Original Mix)