VA – Music For…, Vol.50 [M4U Records]

Electronic music – an astounding symbiosis of cultural traditions from roughly the the public

Alexandr Evdokimov - Sequence (Original Mix)
Filek - B.t. (Rework)
Sam From Space - I Don't Wanna Be Yours (Original Mix)
CJ Kovalev - 12th Dnk (Original Mix)
FreeJay - Captain Africa (Original Mix)
Manchus - Smoke (Original Mix)
Mogler - Quasar (Original Mix)
One Rock State - Broken Fate (Original Mix)
Playful - Diving in the Euphoria (Original Mix)
Ruslan Khodzhamov - Needless (Original Mix)
Spanless - Belly Button (Original Mix)
Tishe Defiance - Stop Me (Original Mix)
Vasiliy Ostapenko - Away (Original Mix)
Xdexe - Gliding over All (Original Mix)
Zhekim - Awesome (Original Mix)