VA – Music For…, Vol.49 [M4U Records]

Electronic music – an surprising symbiosis of cultural traditions from everywhere the people

Alex Sender - New World (Master 2 Release Mix)
Eraserlad - Step over the Edge (Original Mix)
Rinat - Today (Original Mix)
Betini & Titini - Funky Lep (Original Mix)
Easyway (Ew) - Sunbeam (Original Mix)
Manchus - I Like It (Original Mix)
Mogler - Quasar (Original Mix)
Plaha.M - Weekdays of Russia (Extended Version)
Ruslan Khodzhamov - Melancholy (Original Mix)
Slapdash - Just Feel (Original Mix)
The Artful - Reminiscent Grooves (Original Mix)
The Global Phase - Awakening (Original Mix)
TimTaj - Voice of East (Original Mix)
Xdexe - Gliding over All (Original Mix)
Zeroone - We Are Forever (Original Mix)