VA – Muloje [Seres Producoes]

Angola's Seres Producoes label unleaches "Muloje", an exclusively African house compilation, with a star-studded cast of homegrown producers. The album is a first of its kind on the Angolan scene, which has firmly established itself over the years as the Continent's home of house music, alongside South Africa. "Muloje" brings together some of the country's best established producers with emerging heavy-hitters on the scene, displaying the depth of Seres Producoes' roster. These include DJ Satelite, Renato Xtrova, Wilson Kentura, Rosario Kalenga, Braga Havaiana, Afro Pupo, Pastrana, Dorivaldo Mix, Over12 & EJay – each counting numerous dancefloor bangers to their repertoire. The album provides a powerful, high-energy soundtrack, with rhythmic influences drawn from the street sound of Kuduro, yet adding a deeper and more harmonic note, typical of the Angolan house sound. The album's name 'Muloje' refers to the traditional figure of the 'wizard', one who is believed to have magic, to generate forces that influence and shape the environment. This speaks to the essence of this album, a fusion of traditional rhythms and inspirations with cutting edge, futuristic production, spelling magic onto the electronic music scene. The new offering is sure to give global dancefloors an album to hold onto. Credit Produced, Composed & Arranged by : DJ Satelite, Renato Xtrova, Rosário & Braga Havaiana Pastrana, Dorivaldo Mix, Afro Pupo, and Over12 & Ejay Cover Artwork: Zack Adell Other Credit: Dyce Jones Label Manager: Danykas DJ Executive Producer: DJ Satelite and DJ Cortega Info/Licensing:

DJ Satelite - Kemuntu Kó (Original Mix)
Renato Xtrova - Welcome To The Jungle (Original Mix)
Wilson Kentura - Kwanhama (Original Mix)
Rosario, Braga Havaiana - Wassa (Assim Ta Bom) (Instrumental Mix)
Pastrana - Saints Calling (Original Mix)
Ejay, Over12 - Bambuur Drumset (Original Mix)
Dorivaldo Mix - Na Khuei (Original Mix)
Amber, Afro Pupo - Body Touch (Original Mix)
Rosario, Braga Havaiana - Wassa (Assim Ta Bom) (Original Mix)