VA – Moonlight Beats (25 Deep-house Grooves) [full Moon Edition] [Groove Nation]

Diverse Artists – Moonlight Beats (25 Yawning-Descendants Grooves) [Well supplied Moon Issue],
includes 25 amaizing Resistance Beats. Control it out!Electronic music – an marvellous symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the planet

The Island Lovers - At Five Stop (Original Mix)
Martin York - This Is What I Want (Original Mix)
David Maxter - Soul to Go (Original Mix)
Anthony Maserati, Lolla Gee - Beyond the Time feat. Lolla Gee (Original Mix)
Markus Mueller - Katawab Deep (Original Mix)
Urban Voice, Luther Sanders - The Strength Within feat. Urban Voice (House Avenida Mix)
Antonio Andali - House Morbida (Original Mix)
Road Groove - Music on the Road (Original Mix)
Modell & Mercier - Two Hundred Faces (Original Mix)
John Marten - Only When You Want (Original Mix)
Chada - Through the Bar Line (Original Mix)
Paul Midtown - Espana (Original Mix)
Under Army - Precise Legacy (Original Mix)
Yves Taylor - Incomparable Breeze (Original Mix)
Oceanic Beach - Treat Me (Original Mix)
Konfunk - In the Aisles of the Wild (Deep Disco Mix)
Antonio Andali - Flowers's Bottle (Original Mix)
King Boy - Under Burning Skies (Deep & Royal Mix)
Marcelo Blanco - The Girl and the Trust (Isla Mix)
Playa Solaire - Dorhoty (The Beach Club Mix)
Kenny Fransson - Chatbox (Original Mix)
Iron Mind - Speed Experience (Original Mix)
Deep Groovers - Social Groove (Original Mix)
DJ Ank - Abigail (Original Mix)
Philter Inc. - No Bass (Original Mix)