VA – Moments In Lounge [Giverny Music]

Beautiful chillout compilation, 20 very sophisticated tracks for very special back and enjoy the music!
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Logophilia - Melting The Joy (Original Mix)
Chillelektro - Berlengas (Original Mix)
Lamar Ensemble - A Personal Perspective (Original Mix)
Arrojas - Asombrosa (Original Mix)
The Sura Quintet - Strolling Through The Market (Original Mix)
Kaxamalka - Hidden Meaning (Original Mix)
Shivana Faction - Refined (Original Mix)
Logophilia - Anakena (Original Mix)
Rhythmphoria - Reverse Sights (Original Mix)
Kaxamalka - Dream Beach (Original Mix)
Diario - Gracefulness (Original Mix)
Chillelektro - Stralsund (Original Mix)
Aqua Mundi - Invisible Options (Original Mix)
The Sura Quintet - Roundup (Original Mix)
Lamar Ensemble - Das Parfum (Original Mix)
Kaxamalka - Sirocco (Original Mix)
Baghira - Maybe (Original Mix)
Silent Breeze - Exciting (Original Mix)
The Sura Quintet - 2Night (Original Mix)
Shivana Faction - Waves of June (Original Mix)