VA – Mirage Iii [Sphere Records]

Distinct Artists – Mirage III is the latest let on Department Records.Electronic music – an remarkable symbiosis of cultural traditions from surroundin the sphere

Alejandro Dario - Wonderland (Original Mix)
Ray Valentine, Richard B - Silent (Stephen Advance Special Remix)
RolllenD - Breakdown (Original Mix)
RolllenD - Deeper & Deeper (Original Mix)
Rabbit Run - Negative (Original Mix)
Rabbit Run - Positive (Original Mix)
Saiya Locana - Narcotica (Original Mix)
Saiya Locana - Player's Hall (Original Mix)
Salvatore Polizzi - Where Is My Money Bitch (Original Mix)
Salvatore Polizzi - Flippin Minimal (Original Mix)
Salvatore Polizzi - Fuck Me Bass (Original Mix)
Saul Rivaz - Parallel (Original Mix)
Scraperz Noise - Fear Of Noise (Original Mix)
Scraperz Noise - Roosterz (Original Mix)
Sendefehler - Circus (Original Mix)
Slowdown Channel - Run Away (Bagagee Viphex13 Remix)
SFK - Minimum Bang (Original Mix)
SFK - Microgram (Original Mix)
SFK - This Is Good (Original Mix)
SFK - Warning (Original Mix)
Sickwave - The Passport (Original Mix)
Sickwave - Thwack (Original Mix)
Sickwave - Toolbox (Original Mix)
Staffy, Andrew Shepherd - Minimal Sex (Original Mix)
Staffy, Andrew Shepherd - Mirage III (Original Mix)