VA – Midnight In New York (20 Deep-house Beats) [Groove Nation]

Got to be in every playlist!Electronic music – an remarkable symbiosis of cultural traditions from approximately the the human race A number of Artists – Midnight In New York (20 Inscrutable-Abode Beats), includes 20 extraordinary, hidden tunes.

DGN - Thankfully Yours (Montego Beach Mix)
Danny Hay - Twin Town (Patrick D'argnan Deep Mix)
Frank Balcon - Until Infinity (Original Mix)
Damian Johnson - Hours Hours (Soullovers Mix)
Bamboo Rhythms - Pushing On (Man on the Moon Mix)
Oceanus - Do Re Ciak (Menthal Mix)
Deep Lewis - Feel the Sound (Original Mix)
Patrick Bee - Satisfy (D Troit's Subway Mix)
Harry Ashton - Bye Bye Mivar (Martin Franklin Remix)
Level Of Encore - Optical (Deep Mix)
Weekend Warriors - Florida (Original Mix)
Hairy Orchard - Bad Teenager (Original Mix)
Flying Rage - Open Mind (Magic Mind Mix)
Exotic Twilight - Running (Original Mix)
Jerome Norton - Cyborg Program (Original Mix)
Radical Razors - Integration Controller (Original Mix)
Gene Axton - Advanced (Blue Satin Mix)
Jeff Playa - Ibiza Night (Original Mix)
Steven Vax - Shake Up (Disco City Mix)
Level Of Encore - Opako (Original Mix)