VA – Miami Underground Session (selected By Craig Boyd) [Nextasy Music]

Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Craig Boyd - Insane Crowd (Original Mix)
Vily Vinilo - Get Back (Craig Boyd Remix)
Miguel Serrano - This Is The Sound (Original Mix)
Joe De Renzo - Jungle Beats (Original Mix)
Franx - This My House (Stefano Panzera Remix)
Jens Mueller - Welcome To You (Original Mix)
Craig Boyd - Dark Chamber (Original Mix)
Vily Vinilo - Sunset (Original Mix)
Laurent Grant - Wonder (Alex Patane' Remix)
Tony Puccio - Notos (Luca Beni Remix)
Loco Mash, Marco Ciara - Bagaloo Swing (Original Mix)
Laurent Grant - Deeper Music (Original Mix)
Joe De Renzo - Make It Hot (Original Mix)
Vily Vinilo - Red Storm (Joe De Renzo Remix)
Ivan Guasch - Frequency Control (Original Mix)
Joseph Mancino - Stay Strong (Laurent Grant Remix)
Joe De Renzo - Morning Sun (Original Mix)
Cristian Severi - Limit (Tony Puccio Remix)
Joe De Renzo - Opening Fiesta (Original Mix)
Craig Boyd - Piano Moods (Original Mix)
Miguel Serrano - Synchronicity (Original Mix)
Giulio Lnt - Let It Be Forever (Dan Pitch Remix)
Craig Boyd - Surreal (Original Mix)
Joe Maker - Enjoy The Sunset (Original Mix)
Ivan Guasch - Deep Impact (Original Mix)