VA – Meow Wolf’s Arcade Soundtracks: Wiggy’s Plasma Plex [Mesa Recordings]

To score the soundtrack for a dayglo pop-art video game arcade within Meow Wolf's world-renowned art exhibition, The House of Eternal Return, David Last went back in time to the unbounded electro-funk music of the fabulous 1980s & 90s. Creating a number of aliases to explore different genres from that era, he brought along friends like San Francisco producer Cherushii (who appears on several cuts) and genre-bending beat-smith Sinistarr. The end result: a psychedelic pack of songs rooted in retro, but bearing fruit far beyond. Funk, new wave and cheekily earnest synth pop morph unexpectedly into abstract sound-worlds, angular bass movements, dubby prismatic echoes, and surprisingly serious beat workouts….

David Last - Rise Up (Original Mix)
Pleasure Corporation - Crystalation (Original Mix)
Private Sector - Money Tower (Original Mix)
Zappington - Perfect Circles (Original Mix)
Middle Class Paranoia Enterprises - Got to Have it All (Original Mix)
Tristan Zero - Hell of a Thrill (Original Mix)
HyperMartt - Ergot Crunch (Original Mix)
The Hitherto Impossible - For Forever (Original Mix)
Cherushii - Winners Theme (Original Mix)
Yvette Sheurich - Miami Memories (Original Mix)
Cherushii - Thin Line featuring Maria Minerva (David Last Remix)
Yvette Sheurich - Forever and Never featuring David Last (Original Mix)
The Hitherto Impossible - Goldlike (Original Mix)
Private Sector - 87k (Original Mix)
Pleasure Corporation - Junoism (Original Mix)
Soft Crash Crew - Luv U Giv (Original Mix)
Pleasure Corporation - Crystalation (Sinistarr Remix)
David Last - Sunday Fog (Original Mix)