VA – Melodic Dreams Vol.5 [Miscenda]

Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

A.Su - Winner (Original Mix)
Acro - Chords of Life (Original Mix)
Akit. Lab - Red Sunrise (Original Mix)
Alex Zaytsev - Life Movement (Original Mix)
Anlight - To World (Original Mix)
Anton Seim - Black & White (Original Mix)
Avenue Sunlight - Summer Is Hear (Original Mix)
Chronotech - Summer Green (Original Mix)
Daar Odenbach - Suspense (Original Mix)
Damian Crew - Sunstroke (Original Mix)
DJ Nikita Noskow - Time Out (Original Mix)
FreshwaveZ - Eternal Love (Original Mix)
Manchus - Green Town (Original Mix)
Reech - Chase Your Dreams (Original Mix)
Wavegate - Pulse (Original Mix)
Zeroone - We Are Forever (Original Mix)