VA – Maretimo Sessions: Sunset Del Mar [Manifold Records]

Electronic music – an staggering symbiosis of cultural traditions from approximately the everybody

Skysurfer - Circling Elements feat. Lovay (Down by the Sea Mix)
Cafe Americaine - Magical Mambo (Latin Lounge Cut)
Floating Clouds - Sun and Water (Long Cut)
DJ Maretimo - Isla del Silencio (Sad Clouds Mix)
Jason Tyrello - What the Memories Say (Sunfade Mix)
Cafe Americaine - Bring Back Silence (Cool and Lazy Afternoon Cut)
Paradise Blue - Islands of Memories (Piano Meets Guitar Mix)
Noise Boyz - With My Own Eyes (Keys of da Sea Mix)
Cocogroove - Lagoon No. 7 (Guitar Mix)
Cafe Americaine - Beachcruiser (Del Mar Mix)
In Credo - La Guitarra (Dreamtake Mix)
Orange Music - Take Me 2 the Sea feat. Mirjam (Floating Voice Mix)
Patrick Marsh, Michael Steep - My Lovin' (Guitar Mix)
Citrus Jam - Nice Holiday (Sax'n'Chill Mix)
Cocogroove - Blue Tenerife (Waveglider Mix)
In Credo - Siesta del Sol (Laid Back Summer Cut)
Noise Boyz - Summer Storm (Blue Sky Mix)
Silent Voices - Time of Passion (Guitar Mix)
Paradise Blue - Sun of Haleakala (Piano Dream Mix)
Jason Tyrello - When da Sun Is Gone (Relaxation Mix)
Persia Beatz - Princess of Persia (Miracle Mixxx)
Cafe Americaine - Marina Beach (Guitar Flow Mix)
Emotional - Love Is in the Air (Cool Down Mix)
Mahoroba - Violet Dreams (Space Pioneers Mix)
Hypnotic - Share Your Dreams (Dreamzone Mix)
Cafe Americaine - La mer mystique (Hang Up Mix)
Jason Tyrello - Infinity, Eternity, Extasy (Chill Mix)
Chillwalker - Dancing in the Sunrise (Bossa Beach Cut)
Jazz Connection - Smokey Eyes (Red Sky Evening Mix)
Cyborg - Sounds (Chill out Relax Mix)
Laid Back Avenue - Slow Motion Ballad (Quiet Earth Mix)
In Credo - The Lovers Theme (Non Vocal Mix)
The Man Behind C. - Como Aire Cristalino (Latin Mix)
Jazzy James Jr. - Jill & Jazz (Vocal Mix)
Pascal Dubois - Smooth Calling (Slide da Bass Mix)
Cocogroove - Silent Fantasy (Fairytale Mix)
Chillwalker - Homeless (Mykonos Beach Cut)
Bay Area - Waterworld (Blue Ocean View Mix)
Vladi Strecker - He and She (Pure Emotion Cut)
Sky Sergeant - Welcome 2 Sky Casino (Jazzonatic Mix)
Citrus Jam - Pacific Snow (Deep Fusion Mix)
Green Lemon - 11 O'Clock feat. Magica Fe (Pure Beach Cut)
Frank Borell - Place in Motion (Spaceport Mix)
Vladi Strecker - My City (Swingin Blow Cut)
Dreamscape - Phobos (Beat It Mix)
Bay Area - Espiritu + Libertad feat. Hela Delgado (Viva Mix)
Phil Kinley - Miami Beach (Sea Mix)
DJ Maretimo - Blue Guitars of Picasso (Lonely Beach Cut)
Sean Hayman - Look to the Sky (Endless Waves Mix)
Manoa - I 2 I (Lectric Beat Mixx)
Cocogroove - Copa dos Santos (Brazil Cut)
Ray Clarke - Other Nature (Phunky in Space Mix)
Skysurfer - Here Comes the Sun (Piano Dream Mix)
Jason Tyrello - Rain Sunday (2 Gether with Csaba Mix)
Hypnotic - Past Present Future (Spacechill Mix)
DJ Maretimo - Maretimo Sessions: Sunset Del Mar, Pt. 1 (Continuous Mix)
DJ Maretimo - Maretimo Sessions: Sunset Del Mar, Pt. 2 (Continuous Mix)