VA – Manifestation Ade16 Sampler [The Manifesto Music]

This is assemblage of tracks by some common names, as admirably as new artists that we are acutely gratified to greeting aboard. Artists from all on the other side of the cosmos contributed their hallucination to enlargement of The Manifesto Music, and we are proud carrying our passion on via music and teamwork. We are pleased as Punch to proximate you our primary compilation, this while dedicated to 2016's Amsterdam Dancing party Outcome, upcoming in October. And keep in mind :
Sole Music Matters. Profit from this marvellous put out and thanks for following The Manifesto Music!

A++, Lolla Tek - 9nemy (Ovi M, Ferrum Remix)
Lolla Tek - Megalomaniac (D-Deck Remix)
A++, Lolla Tek - Odd Signals (D-Unity Remix)
Sonate - Yellow Beans (Lolla Tek Remix)
Ovi M - System (Original Mix)
Nonyas - Rivers Bend (Original Mix)
John Haden - Warning (Original Mix)
Nico Kohler - Missing Moments (Original Mix)
Bageera, David Garez - Perseo (Original Mix)
Sean Jay Dee, Daniell C - I Want You (Original Mix)