VA – Luxury Lounge Session [Astrolabe Recordings]

Electronic music – an surprising symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the earth

Philip Aniskin, Alexsandra Mell - Too Close to You(Feat. Alexsandra Mell) (Original Mix)
Doors In The Sand - Moments Disappear (Original Mix)
Artyom Polskih, Igor Pumphonia, Art Creative - Trip to Republic(Feat. Artyom Polskih) (Igor Pumphonia Remix)
AudioStorm - Rainy Moods (Original Mix)
Rau D - Midnighttown (Original Mix)
Tony B - Philosophy of Slow Life (Original Mix)
TR-Perseus - Painted Soul (Original Mix)
Mishel Gineras - One Night in the Desert (Original Mix)
Jentarix - Summer Leisure (Original Mix)
Natasha Sas - I'm There (Original Mix)
Plastbeat - Distortion of Time (Original Mix)
Van - Days (Original Mix)
Neptune Wave - Frozen (Original Mix)
Bianco Soleil - Maybe Friends (Chill Version)
Gray Piligrim - Avrora (Original Mix)