VA – Ltx Music Nightlife (volume 5) [LTX Music]

Electronic music – an astounding symbiosis of cultural traditions from thither the the public

John Lasher, Billy Walsh - Just Believe (Original Mix)
Louie Myers, Aaron Kosminski - The Techno Bath (Stand Up Shower Reconstruction Dub)
Billy Walsh - Born in the Dark (In the Shadows Remix)
Parts Unknown - Keep Your Body in Tune (Berlin to Tokyo Trip)
Ralph Cifaretto - Let's Get It On (Live Mix)
John Lasher, Miss MLV - When the Earth Changes (Future Mix)
Alex Cohen, Martin Fry - Payoff (Original Mix)
Billy Walsh - Welcome to the Freak Show (Open Vault Mix)
Pelvic Thrust - It Makes Me Horny (Neck Choker Mix)
John Lasher - It's About the Music (Original Mix)
Ralph Cifaretto, Josie McClellan - The Disco Movement (Original Mix)
Billy Walsh - Keep Making Noise (Arena Anthem)