VA – Love And Happiness [Avocado Mango Soup]

Electronic music – an marvellous symbiosis of cultural traditions from all the fraternity

Mockery Grip - Clean Energy (Ermenegildo Sajo's Piano Mix)
Man Wrong - Concentric Zone (Blue Brain Mix)
Looker Hook - Round Taste (Marius Depaolo's Vibes Mix)
Mackenzie Burns - Never Be Bad (Jeff Le Ground Mix)
Many Polly - Bionic Man (Piano Mix)
Mood Collective - Chained Mind (Master Ray's King Mix)
The Creeping Stance - Orion Think (Supawaves Mix)
Lazy Shame - Skadeo (Vocal Republic Mix)
Larg Gorv - White Tiger (Lotion's Mix)
Lisa Reinhard - Take My Heart (Heartbeat Mix)
Livio Regalado - Abnormal (Alvaro Alvarinho's Beach Mix)
Luan Pereira - Gravitational Waves (House Factory Mix)
Marine Juicer - Human Translation (Nova Mente Mix)
Metallic Seven - Lick My Ice Cream (New Yorker Mix)
The Blinding - Endocontrol (Rain Company Mix)
Mood Collective - Fashion Dream (Deep Trumpet Mix)
The Continental Work - Drum Think (The Modell Mix)
The Decrepit Preacher - Syncretic Generals (St. Tropez Spring Mix)
The Expensive Watch - Random Access (Deepgrooves Mix)
The Versus Kosher - Solid Continuum (Uyou Club Mix)