VA – Lost Paradise Ep (summer Edition) [S.H.I.E.L.D. Recordings]

Distributed By Symphonic Division – DJ Diox exalt the outcome of his debut EP #LostParadise and for honor of this, he re-unfetter the EP with 2+ songs recorded in the constant era he manumit the EP for head era.

K19, Jac Van Bee, grotesk, DJ Diox, TrapEX - Ain't Nobody Like Me (feat. Jac Van Bee, Grotesk, K19 & TrapEX) (Original Mix)
Courtney Hyan, DJ Diox, Chyoma Walrond, The War Gang - Nobody Knows (feat. Courtney Hyan, Chyoma Walrond & The War Gang) (Original Mix)
DJ Diox - Hustle Hard (Original Mix)
DJ Diox, Lea Thompson, Tea Frigaard - I Won't Give Up (feat. Lea Thompson & Tea Frigaard) (Original Mix)
DJ Diox, Jolstak, Mia Terry - I Am a Machine (feat. Jolstak & Mia Terry) (Original Mix)
David Frank, DJ Diox, Sam Johnson - Lie To Me (feat. David Frank & Sam Johnson) (Original Mix)
DJ Diox - Baloons (Original Mix)
Sherris, DJ Diox - Silence In the Night (feat. Sherris) (Original Mix)