VA – Long Beach Party (house Session) [Extacy]

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Claude Dornan - Bambu (Piano Mood Mix)
Robert Lee - A Reminder (Sound of House Mix)
Hector Rubio - Breakfast on the Beach (Gray Movement's House Mix)
Paul Klain - Nice Evening (Montgomery Groove Mix)
Mandragora - Give Me One Coffee (Modell & Mercier's House Mix)
Romeo Hillfinger - Down to Ocean (Playbass Mix)
Marshall Wee - Feel It (Jay Ritz's House Rhythms Mix)
Eddie Heaven - Immersed in Life (Kj & Lil's House Mix)
Daniel Grant - Count of Disco (Jean Claude's House Mix)
Victor King - Benji (East Mix)
John Boss - Night Walk (Victor Montreal's House)
Kontakto - A Woman's Way (5th Ave Mix)
Gilda, Victor Montreal - Close the Eyes Simple feat. Gilda (Gilda's Vocal Mix)
Subway Rhythms - Diving Lucy (House of Q Mix)
House Vision - The Man in the Box (Rex Mix)
The Sound - Iron Will (House Life Mix)
Dino Kenji - Bacilo Dk (House Mix)
Fluxus - Invisible Fluid (Da House Mix)
Frank Marshall, Tony Ralf - New York Subway (5th Avenue House Mix)
Haldo Marshall - The Unclean World (House Mix)