VA – London Fashion House [Red Kiss]

The Mould Building of London CityElectronic music – an dazzling symbiosis of cultural traditions from on all sides the men

Marius Rainer - Women to Hate (House & Love's Bass Mix)
Ingo Lassort - Stella Crescente (House Mix)
Stephan Wind - Deep Feeling of Well Being (Fashion Mix)
Yanus Hamy - Jumps Around the World (Bass'o Groove's Sequential Mix)
Felix Form - Move Your Body Now (Club Mix)
One Light Project - Fashion Show (Gee & Jay's House Mix)
The Presidents - Foresight (My House Mix)
Robert Lee - I Like It (The House of Fashion Mix)
Anthony Kahxi - Gioivo (House Mix)
Tom Nigro - Fly Now (Supasaxy House Mix)
Dann Wilde - Over the Cloud (House Mix)
Deep Fix - Fate Is Turning (Night Mix)
Charles Challag - Champs De Mars (House Star Mix)
Black Diamond - Supremacy (Light Mix)
Pascal Six - The Elixir of Live (Light & Night Mix)