VA – Liquid Records: Noisily Re: Loaded #02 [Liquid Records]

Noisily Festival of Music and Arts is fast approaching and with that in mind its time for another compilation. We take a look back at the artists who have played at Noisily Festival and contributed to what was a truly memorable event. Taking in the full scope of sound which has made Liquid such a diverse label over the last 10 years, we travel from groovy techno beats through electronica and psychedelic trance. A true reflection of what we stand for, diversity. Compiled by Liquid Records DJ's Ipcress & Morph, this 15 track journey takes us right back to the summer, deep in the woods at #NOISILY2016.

Sherban, Nanoplex - Meander Road (Original Mix)
James Monro - Jog On (Original Mix)
Jossie Telch - Truckstop (Original Mix)
Kaya Project - One Hundred Lights (Grouch Remix)
Nimbus - Squid Herder (Original Mix)
Atomic Drop - Air (Original Mix)
Ben Coda - Titan (The Future Mix)
Emok, DJ Koutarou.a - Tokyo Slickers (D-Formation Remix)
Two Suspects - I Should Realize (Human Element Remix)
Ecliptic - Invisible World (Original Mix)
Dickster, Hopi - Freeze The Cheese (Original Mix)
Tortured Brain, Atomic Drop - Crank Up The Volume (Original Mix)
Sybarite - Thought Simulator (Original Mix)
Earthling, Ajja - Houdini (Original Mix)
Llamaleaf - Bubble Brain (Original Mix)