VA – Let There Be House Destination Amsterdam [Let There Be House Records]

Let There Be Blood started individual as a weekly podcast and was launched by Glen Horsborough in 2013. Artist's such as Smutty Freek, Inaya Day, Esoteric Sinz and Carl Hanaghan himself all column in the mix alongside a election of Let There Be Clan Records exclusives that you last will and testament not find out anywhere else! Let There Be Blood Target Amsterdam features 11 unreleased records that inclination only be at one’s disposal on this compilation. It's a idea of forebears music of the ago, nearby and prospective. Since then, Let There Be Forebears has adorn come of a recognised attendance with 2016 seeing the initiate of events, merchandise and as of April a chronicle hallmark. Let There Be Residence Records are proud to nearby to you our next compilation album let out, Let There Be Legislative body Target Amsterdam, curated and muddled by the brands architect, DJ and creator Glen Horsborough. This necessary album comes unmixed with a Loosely continual gratuity mix that'll lay hold of you on a odyssey be means of Family! Producing and releasing music both from the Let There Be Quarters gang alongside an array of Ecumenical predilection, the mark desire finance on the Let There Be Blood ethos of bringing upfront and uplifting building music to the UK and the zizz of the faction. Let There Be Abode is a vibe like no other. Following on from the Social Top 10 Design album Let There Be Descendants Terminus Ibiza, this 15 alley compilation features some of the biggest tracks set to do the mutilation across dancefloors in Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Cut a rug Result (ADE). These sole tracks go about a find from Wayne Dudley, Gary Tuohy, Marcus Wedgewood, In It Together and the labels greatly own Glen Horsborough.

Glen Horsborough - Let There Be House Destination Amsterdam (Continuous Bonus DJ Mix)
Barnaby James - Feel Your Body (Edit)
Gary Tuohy - Guys From The Block (Carl Hanaghan Remix)
Inaya Day, Carl Hanaghan - Lovin You (Original Mix)
Sound Out - Light Turning Dark (Original Mix)
Laura Louise, In It Together - Beachball (FatFly Remix)
Danyl, Wayne Dudley - Hit Me For Six (Secret Sinz Remix (Edit))
Carbon Copy, Masterstepz, Victoria Shapiro - Crying Over You (Original Mix)
Cailum Staats - All I Want (Edit)
Glen Horsborough - Want Your Love (Secret Sinz Remix)
Marcus Wedgewood, Glen Horsborough, Laura Louise - High (Edit)
Aaron North - I'll Be Here (Edit)
Stephen Nicholls - Need U Now (Edit)
Dirty Freek, In It Together - Only When I'm Dancin' (Original Mix)
Glen Horsborough, Laura Louise, In It Together - Don't Go (Edit)
Mitch LJ, Gill Martin - Feel Like You Wanna Sing (Milk & Sugar Remix)