VA – Less Is More [Sphere Records]

Less Is More is the latest unchain on Globe Records.Electronic music – an staggering symbiosis of cultural traditions from thither the creation

Oliver Gross - Walk High (Original Mix)
Paul Schmitz - I Know (Original Mix)
Ralph Kings - Locos en El Parking (Original Mix)
Ralph Kings - Paseo de Verano (Original Mix)
Rc Production - Ayahuasca (Original Mix)
Rc Production - iMotion (Original Mix)
Rc Production - Metallic (Original Mix)
Rc Production - Terrace (Original Mix)
Rc Production - The Hole (Original Mix)
Rc Production - Viva Cuba (Original Mix)
Rc Production - Why Not (Original Mix)
Rodrigo Guzman - I Love Sex (Original Mix)
Rodrigo Guzman - I Love Sex (Ubyck Remix)
SalvO CitrAro, Toni SamBataro - Kira (Original Mix)
SalvO CitrAro, Toni SamBataro - Saw (Original Mix)
Subtractive - Silver (Freddy Banga Remix)
ToyGunz - Beat (Original Mix)
ToyGunz - ToyGunz (Original Mix)
Vuk Lukic - Groovebox (Original Mix)
Zula - Awakening (Original Mix)
Zula - Drop (Original Mix)
Zula - Rush (Original Mix)
Deltoidman - A Game of Shadows (Original Mix)
Deltoidman - Less Is More (Bloowarp Remix)
Deltoidman - Less Is More (Bluecrack's 0% Edit)