VA – Lcr 5 Years [LCR Records]

Label: LCR
Reference: LCR076

Artists: Artik, Brunes, Domen, Emptyvoid, Hail Blk, Isolated Lines, Joix, JoyB, Liss C., Markus Mashur, Micol Danieli, Pepe Arcade, ., Unam Zetineb

Rel. name: LCR 5 YEARS

5 Years !!! We are proud to pressent this compilation full of new tracks from some of the artist involved this 5 years on the label.

We are always glad of the massive support from artist to radio stations, from magazines to djs and of course for play our music once again !

Thanks for be part of these 5 years .

Design : Gustavo Cardenas
Mastering : Right Peak Level

Artik - Geometria Euclidiana (Original Mix)
Brunes - Bones (Original Mix)
Domen - Temae1 (Original Mix)
Emptyvoid - Random (Original Mix)
Hail Blk - Acidium (Original Mix)
Isolated Lines - Winning Titan (Original Mix)
Joix - Im Fluss (Original Mix)
JoyB - Pick A Name (Original Mix)
Liss C. - Electronic Discourse (Original Mix)
Markus Masuhr - Leaning Fears (Original Mix)
Micol Danieli - U58 (Original Mix)
Pepe Arcade - Plataforma (Original Mix)
R.N.T.S - Less Thoughts (Original Mix)
Unam Zetineb - Long Time Ago (Original Mix)