VA – Lazy Summer [Tenor Recordings]

Easy down a bit and satisfaction in some fain hours in the summer sun, listening to this likeable esoteric congress piece.Electronic music – an fabulous symbiosis of cultural traditions from throughout the life

Sasha Kaktus, Fake Mood - Olovo (Martijn Remix)
Jules, Anatol - The Girl (Original Mix)
Charles Ramirez, Stan Garac - Parame (Original Mix)
Mellowtron - Lucky You (Schegg Remix)
Deep Sour Collective - Where the Heart Takes You (Original Mix)
Miss Luna, Adam Vox - The 5th of May - Il 5 Maggio (Original Mix)
Blow Of Luck - The Souls Are Moving (Original Mix)
Solee - Esperanza (Original Mix)
Rico Puestel - Belfryscape (Original Mix)
Jan Mohlenkamp - Gentle Breeze (Original Mix)
Mass Digital - I Won't Let You Get Away (Original Mix)
Bara Bröst - Gangsta Shit (Pammin's Neon Remix)
Kinkysoul - Acid Intention (Original Mix)
Giuseppe Cennamo - Between the Lines (Original Mix)
Badetasche - Chillin Groove (Stefan Lindenthal Remix)
Avocado Combat - Losing You (Original Mix)
Tom Pusch - Move Me (Original Mix)
Tuneon - Compressed Summer (Original Mix)
VieL - All That You Give (Original Mix)
Estefan Emilov - Back (Original Mix)
The Sunchasers - Ecstasy (Original Mix)
Wanderlust - Sparks (Original Mix)
Rick Wade - Beautiful World (Original Mix)