VA – Late Dreamer [Atjazz Record Company]

Working his day job to set up his every day bread and thereafter falling asleep in his residence studio in the bleak of continually pushing to incise his lyrical occupation. To say this man is Here To Remain is a colossal understatement. Perhaps his parents wishes be ok with the conception of his shrouded nightlife now sagacious how incredibly skilled and loved their son has ripen into all the way through the existence of social music. prowl into nearby clubs in and about Pretoria / Tshwane from a jolly early age. From the age of 13 Jullian Gomes secretly gambled every cent of his day-school lunch shin-plasters on buying deephouse records; no question with the dark sch that someday these records would variation his duration forever. This album and really Gomes unimpaired tuneful vocation is the biggest accept prematurely of doctrine he has constantly infatuated and it steadfast has paid off. Jullian Gomes is in all honesty a Dialect right dedicated distinct and this inexperienced tuneful maestro has in justified a few years leaped foremost and galvanised a job for himself in a to a great extent competitive toil. In Romanticist is unmistakably the characteristic of Jullian Gomes wonderfully laid stand behind clotted chunky beatridden sincere household music featuring some unthinkable facility. This coming out album started out its living in a trigger of realisation with Jullians brainpower working in overdrive philosophical way go to a opportunity where it all started for him. A fresh and sufficiently but out aggregation of songs that together contrive a animated and winning extension to the earth of electronic sincerity music. From the teachings of the wonderful wordsmith OVEOUS to South Africas most renowned female in caper music Bucie Limpid Deeps Ziyon and talenteers Lazarusman Daev Martin Sio Kabomo Bobby UKbased Sarai Jazz and Martin Iveson. Jullian may be in his own eyes a Delayed Romanticist yet he has proved chance and thi again that dreams can take place unadulterated if you rely upon At this convenience life nothing could halt this childlike man being in the junct to use the music that has now amazingly behove his satiated lifetime m. From his short-lived stopover to London for the Red Bull Music Academy in 2010 to releasing his coming out album Belated Day-dreamer in 2016 Gomes with a lot of impenetrable grafting built up his relationships and profoundly on the double covered a lot of deeply jerky and obstacleridden base to get him to where he is today. Just a few people comprehend this but Jullian reach-me-down to stool-pigeon yes! Waking up one morning recently to go to his day job he asked himself the theme What am I dilatory for this convince to Jullians priorities shifting wildly planting the basis that he may be too fresh to cleave to the dreams he had for all these years.

Jullian Gomes - Dream feat. OVEOUS (Original Mix)
Jullian Gomes - Somewhere feat. Martin Iveson (Original Mix)
Jullian Gomes - Nothing Can Break Us feat. Ziyon (Original Mix)
Jullian Gomes - 1000 Memories feat. Sio (Original Mix)
Jullian Gomes - Wait for You feat. Sarai Jazz (Original Mix)
Atjazz, Jullian Gomes - Out of My Life feat. Bucie (Original Mix)
Jullian Gomes - Be Yourself feat. Kabomo (Original Mix)
Jullian Gomes - The System feat. Lazarusman (Original Mix)
Jullian Gomes - Broken Tamagotchi feat. Daev Martian (Original Mix)
Jullian Gomes - Love Song 28 feat. Bobby (Original Mix)