VA – Jackin [Techno LogyX]

Various Artists – Jackin is the latest release on Techno LogyX.
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Josh Kibeat - Ass Line (Original Mix)
Josh Kibeat - Ecstasy & Drugs (Original Mix)
Juan Ferreyro - Pinkers (Original Mix)
Juan Gallego - Niedring (Original Mix)
Juan Gallego - Ultime Style (Original Mix)
Julio Leal - Flow (Original Mix)
Julio Leal - Rise Up (Original Mix)
Julio Leal, Miguel Maldonado - Jurasik (Original Mix)
Julio Posadas - Asrg (Del Horno Remix)
Julio Posadas - Asrg (Toni Carrillo Remix)
Julio Posadas - Australopithecus (Di Santo Remix)
Julio Posadas - Australopithecus (Manu Be Remix)
Julio Posadas - Australopithecus (Original Mix)
Julio Posadas - Australopithecus (Toni Carrillo Remix)
Julio Posadas - Consciousness (Original Mix)
Julio Posadas - Deeping (Original Mix)
Julio Posadas - Hablar Cachonda (Original Mix)
Julio Posadas - Jackin (Original Mix)