VA – Italo Dance Rimini [Future Sonic Media]

Electronic music – an astounding symbiosis of cultural traditions from for everyone the faction

Cazintel - Over the Sea (Radio Version)
Jimmy & Wenzel - Dreamer (Original Mix)
Cheese & Nuts - All Be One (Original Mix)
Tom La Mer - Draußen (Mathew Brabham Remix)
Vince Neel - Pump up the House (Original Mix)
DJ Miller, S!d - Abnormal Sex (Microwave Monkeys Remix)
Nicco, Deeci - We Turn It Up (Extended Mix)
Skaei - Have It All (Eddy Chrome Remix Edit)
Latenza Supakat - Tigermilk (La Rochelle Band Remix)
Wolfe, Carlos Martins, Eric Brenner - Lost Ones (Caviar & Stoops Remix)
Adrian Bonacker, Lee & Sun - Feel Complete (Radio Cut)
Joost Haitink - Piano (Original Mix)
Tonski & Watts - Biscuits (Original Mix)
Luke Meyers - Play House (Vocal Edit)
Massimo Vanoni - I See You (Original Mix)
Mr. Spicks - You're My Summer (Original Mix)
Tdc Project - Holiday (Original Mix)
Sebastiano Dellisanti - Smasher (Original Mix)
Nesia - Borobudur (Original Mix)
Daniel Zed - La Vida Loca (Original Mix)
Dj-chart - I Ame a Duty Killer (Original Mix)
Jerome Klark, Stick Up Boys - Everything You Got (Kenny Laakkinen Remix)
Bella Wagner - Cat People (Putting out Fire) (Original Mix)
Emmiel - Every Hour of Every Day (Kooky Electro Funk Remix)
Ted Newtone - Back from Hell (Original Mix)
Monuloku - Mosquito (Original Mix)
Feldschieber - Quit (Radio Version)
Pete Mazell - Clocks (Radio Edit)