VA – Into The Groove Presented By Angelo Scalici [Dirty Music]

Our friend Angelo Scalici from New York, owner and founder of the records label M1 Recordings, It makes the honors in Dirty Music with the first compilation of a series called ''Into The Groove'', much House music, much groove and great feelings on each track !!!

Angelo Scalici - Make You Feel It (Original Mix)
Daniele D'Alessandro - Carnivalized (Original Mix)
Ray Rosh, Felipe G - Ciclope Man (Stefano Cortes Remix)
Mark Cava - Houze Muzik (Original Mix)
Tek DiLuxe, Jeremy Bass - Move Move (Angelo Scalici Remix)
Cyberx - Real 18 (Original Mix)
Richard Harrington - Control (Original Mix)
Jeremy Bass - Don't You (Original Mix)
Claque Choc - Golden Horns (Angelo Scalici Remix)
Sebastien Rome - Le Tube (Original Mix)
Branchie - Definition (Original Mix)
Jose Torres - Forgive Me (Lean Butler Remix)
Rio Dela Duna - La Divina (Original Mix)
Mark Grandel, Peter Mayzer - Gran Via (Original Mix)
Nico Zandolino - The Money (Angelo Scalici Remix)
DJ Face Off - Girl You Know (Original Mix)
Sugiurumn - h4x0r (Original Mix)
Damce - Mesoamerica (Dany Deep Remix)
Gianni Ruocco - In My Hands (Original Mix)
Jaques Le Noir - Your Name (Original Mix)