VA – Into The Dip [Asymmetric Dip]

(c) 2016 Asymmetric Recordings/Dip
(p) 2016 Asymmetric Recordings/Dip
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Jos & Eli - Ballad For The Big Ones (Live Edit)
Sakorka - HPO (Original Mix)
Big Show - Flying High (Original Mix)
David Calo - Not For Me (Original Mix)
Big Al, Ayla Nereo, Bitch In Rix - He Was Often Gone (Beat Factory Remix)
Kevin Toro - Humanizing Idols (Original Mix)
Denny Loco - Agamennone (Original Mix)
Dino Live - Inspiration (Original Mix)
Martin Gardoqui, Paul Deep (AR) - The Road To Ushuaia (Original Mix)
Spike Galarraga - If We Knew This Was Going To Happen We Wouldn't Have Said I Do (Original Mix)