VA – Independent Jamaica: Songs Of Freedom From The Treasure Isle [Trojan Records]

Electronic music – an astonishing symbiosis of cultural traditions from surroundin the life

AI T. Joe - Rise Jamaica (Independence Time Is Here) (Original Mix)
Derrick Morgan - Forward March (Original Mix)
Owen Gray, The Sonny Bradshaw Quartet - My One Desire (Original Mix)
Derrick Morgan, Patsy Todd - Housewife's Choice (Original Mix)
Lloyd Clarke - Love You the Most (Original Mix)
The Jiving Juniors - Sugar Dandy (Original Mix)
Drumbago & His Band - Duck Soup (Original Mix)
Owen Gray - Darling Patricia (Original Mix)
Jimmy James - Bewildered and Blue (Original Mix)
Derrick & Yvonne - Meekly Wait (Original Mix)
Roland Alphonso - Back Beat (Original Mix)
Lloyd Robinson - You Said You Loved Me (Original Mix)
Derrick Harriott, The Vagabonds - I Care (Original Mix)
The Mighty Vikings, Victor Wong - Maggie Don't Leave Me (Original Mix)
Stranger Cole, Patsy Todd - Let's Go to the Party (Original Mix)
Derrick Morgan - The Hop (Original Mix)
Owen Gray, The Sonny Bradshaw Quartet - Lonely Days (Original Mix)
The Continentals - Going Crazy (Original Mix)
Lloyd Robinson, Rico Rodriguez - When You Walk (Original Mix)
Roy And Millie - We'll Meet (Original Mix)
The City Slickers, Kent & Jeanie - Daddy (Original Mix)