VA – Ibiza Vocal Anthems [Armada Music Bundles]

Jack Wilby – 'With You' to Headhunterz & Crystal Lake vs Reunify act. These are no stark Ibiza anthems; every distinct one of these opulent cuts holds a vocal you can single worship. Collin McLoughlin – 'Here Tonight', Sultan + Shepard attainment. Here for you to delight in indefinitely, these are the 'Ibiza Vocal Anthems'. Kreesha Turner – 'Lead Me Promote', and more, these are the tracks that outdistance expectations and coerce the Ibiza cluster bellow in agitation. These cuts are what we denominate Ibiza anthems, and they all contain that youthful bit supplemental to hand over. Filled with 19 of the finest vocal tunes to be struck by overflown the Balearic isle, 'Ibiza Vocal Anthems' harbors faultlessly what its subtitle implies. From W&W – 'How Myriad' and Cedric Gervais exploit. Those tracks exhilarate crowds and set sashay floors alight, fated to transform into more unchanging than one could've for ever expected. KiFi – 'The Macrocosm Is Ours', Fragment Berlin & Jay Cosmic accomplishment. Of all the tracks that finger on down on Ibiza to line their spell, there are few appropriate adequate to go all the way.

Dash Berlin, Collin Mcloughlin, Jay Cosmic - Here Tonight feat. Collin McLoughlin (Original Mix)
Borgore, Addison - School Daze (Original Mix)
W&W - How Many (Original Mix)
Breathe Carolina, Husman, Carah Faye - Giants feat. Carah Faye (Original Mix)
Headhunterz, Crystal Lake, Reunify, KiFi - The Universe Is Ours feat. KiFi (Original Mix)
David Gravell, Ruby Prophet - Far From Home feat. Ruby Prophet (Original Mix)
Lush & Simon, XOV - City Of Lights feat. XOV (Original Mix)
Disco Fries, Command Sisters - Earthquake feat. Command Sisters (Original Mix)
Cedric Gervais, Jack Wilby - With You feat. Jack Wilby (Original Mix)
Juicy M, Endemix - Skies feat. Endemix (Original Mix)
Jonny Rose, Vicetone - Stars feat. Jonny Rose (Original Mix)
Two Friends, Ktpearl - Forever feat. Ktpearl (Original Mix)
John Dahlback, Luke McMaster - New York City feat. Luke McMaster (Original Mix)
Thomas Gold, M.BRONX - Saints & Sinners feat. M.BRONX (Original Mix)
SICK INDIVIDUALS, Jacq - Take It On feat. jACQ (Original Mix)
Belle Humble, Qulinez - Body Dancing feat. Belle Humble (Original Mix)
Kreesha Turner, Sultan + Shepard - Bring Me Back feat. Kreesha Turner (Original Mix)
Tommy Trash, JHart - Wake The Giant feat. JHart (Original Mix)
Emma Hewitt, 3LAU - Alive Again feat. Emma Hewitt (Original Mix)