VA – Ibiza Sunset Party (house Vibes Selection) [Extacy]

Congress Vibes SelectionElectronic music – an astounding symbiosis of cultural traditions from throughout the faction

Esteban Fortunato - Need To Go (Original Mix)
Denzel Davies - Citizens (Original Mix)
Barl Aphooze - My Mojo (Original Mix)
Barney Gaz - Forgiveness (Original Mix)
Brant Lynwood - Peace of a Dream (Original Mix)
Kirk Winslow - Get it Right (Original Mix)
Kirk Winslow - Get It Right (Original Mix)
Limonio - Rising Sun (Original Mix)
Housemaster Mario - Crawling (Original Mix)
Hoo Rook - Karma (Original Mix)
Stefan Shaer - The Tone of the House (Takeshi Homura's House Mix)
Paul Fashion - Stardust Music (Superior Floor Mix)
Fifth Model - Fame Music (Night Express Mix)
55th Street - Speaks to Your Brain (The Monarch Mix)
Guy Rich, Little Eva - I Live the Night feat. Little Eva (Da House Mix)
Victor Danieli - Deep Web (Deep Reasons Mix)
Black Sine - Fool Me (Mandragora House Mix)
Sander Cahn - Late at Night (Jeff Rodriguez's Playa Regina Mix)
The Soullution Project - See the Sun (Alex Latino's Supadeep Mix)
Lorika Project - You Can Do It Again (House Mix)