VA – Hush 100 [Hush Recordz]

Hush Recordz has reached the milestone of 100 releases! We are truly proud of all those years impregnated with love for the music and of course a profound love for clubbing. Under Magillian´s A&R, we have discovered and pushed a good number of talented artists from all over the world and our label group has grown to become one of Portugal finest exports. We wanted to make this #100 release very special, and we decided to give all Hush fans the opportunity to get 100 tracks for the price of 10. We wanna thank you for your support playing and charting our tracks, making the name of Hush Recordz bigger day by day. !! Press Play & Play it Loud

Mikalogic - Alice (Original Mix)
Magillian, Nuno Aqua - Liquid (Mikalogic Remix)
Eri2, Magillian, Bass&Pads - All I Ever (Original Mix)
Cool People - No Way (Original Mix)
Monetic - Chemistry (Original Mix)
Samplers Fx - Bring the Beat Back (Original Mix)
Kenny Brian - Shake Si (Original Mix)
Felipe Cobos - Check It Out (Original Mix)
Jojo Rose, George B - One Shot (Original Mix)
Alexandr Mar - Something Real (Original Mix)
U-Nick, Maureen - Creative Destruction (Original Mix)
Dubet - How I Wanna (Original Mix)
Mikalogic - Enter Price (Original Mix)
Gorkiz - Got Jam (Original Mix)
Sebb Aston, Modern Talker - Tonight (Original Mix)
Cool People - In the Mood (Original Mix)
Heston - Church (Original Mix)
Elanetique - Sinner and Slave (Vox Mix)
Jeancy - Don't Stress Me (Original Mix)
Valentino Guerriero, Whitney Tai - Givin It Up (Modern Talker Remix)
Modern Talker - Recall (Original Mix)
Mikalogic - Jump (Modern Talker Remix)
Gustavo Chateaubriand, Montemor - Don't Not Sleep (Original Mix)
Monetic - Freedom (Original Mix)
Fiona Beeson - Brown, Red & Blue (Original Mix)
Trette - Empathy (Original Mix)
Nico Dumont, German Wagener - Witch (Intro Mix)
Hires - Freia (Original Mix)
Hires, Peter Dennis - All I Do (Original Mix)
Raffaello Bonaga - Tell Me Some (Kinkysoul Remix)
Raffaello Bonaga - Do You Feel Alright (Pano Manara Remix)
DJ Diass, Diva Vocal - Going Insane (American DJ Dub Remix)
Lex (Athens) - Roll On (Original Mix)
Gustavo Chateaubriand - Become (Raffaello Bonaga Remix)
Nico Dumont, German Wagener - Little Green (Original Mix)
Sebastian King - Drums (Original Mix)
Riven - Marty Mcfly (Original Mix)
Riven - Tom's Things (Original Mix)
No Rabbitz, Jr Rabbitz - Carousel (Original Mix)
Kike Henriquez - London (Original Mix)
Mariusz Kryska - Dub Feeling (Original Mix)
Ka Kah - Sexy (Original Mix)
Apollo Stripe, Madjaar - Antiseptique (Acid Mix)
Green George - Wasichu (Original Mix)
Dubet - Toys (Original Mix)
Garc & Rod - Chikeber (Original Mix)
T.S.T.B - Among the Fifteen (Original Mix)
Kenny Brian - Bam Bam (Original Mix)
Nico Dumont - Scorpion (Original Mix)
Deep Shepherd - Hunter (Original Mix)
D-Compost - Want You (Original Mix)
Felipe Zamudio - Don't Tell Me How It Is (Original Mix)
m0u53 - Old School (Original Mix)
Samuel Tegaro - Chicago Drops (Original Mix)
Berni Peint - Acid Peach (Original Mix)
American DJ - Afflatus (Original Mix)
Dj Henna, Samuel Pablo - Sexy Stab (Original Mix)
Eri2, Magillian - Average Content (Paul Hamilton Remix)
Dj Henna - Arrossaires (Undl Remix)
Ryan Provost - Let Me See (Original Mix)
Dama & Raabe - Midnight Snack (Original Mix)
Paul Darey, Hannes Bruniic - Wake Up (Da Fresh Remix)
Lollino - Midnight Rambler (Original Mix)
Eri2, Magillian - Cocaine Speaking (Gruw Frequency Remix)
Gino G (CA) - Like It Dark (Original Mix)
Dj Henna - Ofc (Original Mix)
Tibiza - Lost in Music (Original Mix)
Julio Roger - Inner Shadows (Original Mix)
Moodyboy - Katsumoto (Original Mix)
Martiros - Walk 4 Me (Original Mix)
Pierresat - That Dream (Original Mix)
Jonas Franzen - Trismus (Original Mix)
Henek - Regenerating (Original Mix)
Spec. - Champion (Original Mix)
Gino G (CA) - Insidious Soul (Original Mix)
Oliver Maier - Jackie Jazz (Original Mix)
No Rabbitz - Castle Koxi (Original Mix)
Gianni Ruocco - I Love the 80s (Original Mix)
Kian MC - Brace (Original Mix)
T.lec - Bring It (Gruuvelement's Remix)
Enrique Gongora - Slow Down (Original Mix)
DJ The Fox - One Day Off (Original Mix)
Groove Salvation - Into the Rhythm (Original Mix)
Enrique Gongora - Don't Put Your Lips on Me (Alexander Belousov Remix)
Audiologic - My House (Original Mix)
Robin Virag, Chris Junior, Live - Don't Stop (Paul Hamilton Remix)
American DJ, Nicky Notch - Synth Funk (Paul Hamilton Remix)
Eri2, Diogo Mindslap - Dat Pad (Original Mix)
Romeofoxtrott - Turn It Up (Original Mix)
Deepsy, Modern Talker - Control (Original Mix)
Borja Maneje - This Is Reality (Vocal Mix)
Kike Henriquez - On the Road (Original Mix)
Victor Ash - Yus (Original Mix)
DJ Additive - The Way It Is (Original Mix)
No Government - Summer Tears (Original Mix)
Relative Moods - Night Walk (Andrea Speed Remix)
Deep Shepherd, Rachel Sis - Found Love (Original Mix)
E-Klash - Roses out of Love (Original Mix)
Nico Dumont, German Wagener - Mandarine Trip (Original Mix)
Mikalogic - Shock Waves (Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax Remix)