VA – House Treatment – Session Twenty Seven [Play This! Records]

Electronic music – an astounding symbiosis of cultural traditions from for everyone the creation

Luca Debonaire - Night Stalkers (Original Mix)
Jude & Frank - Twerk it! (Original Mix)
Chris Gresswell, Rob Hackles, Housemonkeyz - Smile (Original Mix)
Levent Lodos - Circle Of Fifths (Original Mix)
Mark Stent, Ed Kurno - Don't You (Original Mix)
Rai, Deep Matter - Your Love (Original Mix)
David Lyle - Milky (Michael Solomons Remix)
BB86, Aidy J - Feel This Way feat. Hayley J Brown (Lucius Lowe Classic Fire Remix)
JR Disco - Nothing The Same (Skibblez 'So Addicted' Remix)
Dynamique - It's Me & You (Original Mix)
ALONE - Delorean Suite (Mark Faermont Remix)
House Hustler - Something Unreal (Dub Mix)
Angelo Raguso, FAW9 - Shameless (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall - Get Down (Original Mix)
Overwrite, LJ Isaac - Get Down (Original Mix)
Killerpunkers - Gotta Let It Go (Original Mix)
Mike Kelly, Voltaxx - Hairy Venusian Mango Eaters (Original Mix)
Detroit Project - Lego (Midi Lover Mix)
Gothenburg Beats - Never Ever (Club Mix)
Desusino Boys - Predate (Original Mix)