VA – House Train [Dream Market Records]

Electronic music – an astonishing symbiosis of cultural traditions from thither the the world at large

D Troit Traxx - Long Time Ago (5th Avenue Mix)
House Flowers - Happy Reaction (Manhattan Mix)
Park Avenue - Distant Parties (Paul Wellsh Mix)
House Restaurant - Eyes, Ears and Shoes (Ladies Night's House Mix)
Lost Grooves - Lost Passion (Presidential Mix)
House Pusher - Heroes Forest (Event Mix)
Mandragora - Continuous Work (Limousine Mix)
Paul Wellsh, Alaya Flores - What You Talking About feat. Alaya Flores (Stiliardik Mix)
Jeff Desmond - Dangerous Liaisons (House Couture Mix)
Frank Falcon - Verification Key (Manhattan Friends Mix)
Red Stone - Read Situations (House City Mix)
Baja Del Mar - Identity Without a Past (House Island Mix)
Robbie Vee - Breaths From the Depths (Riviera House Mix)
Greg's Beats - Madness Without Barriers (Jeff Desmond's House Mix)
Revelation Moon - Natural Clemency (Moonshine Mix)
Vegas Vibes - Sensation to Remember (House Gamblers Mix)
Dann Markus, Cinthya Bocconotti - Promenade pour le monde feat. Cinthya Bocconotti (Fuck Da House Mix)
South Beach - Well Deep (Baja Sardinia Mix)
House Pleasures - Beauties of Memories (Fashion Beats Mix)
Haldo Kaldo - You Gonna Be There (Night & House Mix)
House Gamblers - Sunshine in My Deep (Liquid System Mix)
Emerald Dreams - Emerged From the Memories (Tony Roja Mix)