VA – House People (selected Fashion Vibes) [FMC Phonograph]

Millesimate Selection!!!
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Sunvibes - Taxy Cabs (Deep Cafè Mix)
Ivan Samett - She Want Dance (Silver Classics's Deep Mix)
Yori Giod - In Burning Room (Madame & Rimmel Mix)
Ioshi Kawashi - You Might Think (Large View Mix)
Fashion Modell Project - Nobody but You (Deep Lovers Mix)
Pascal Montecristo - Trasver (Long Beach Deep Mix)
John Delon - Decon (House Temperature Mix)
Natural System - No Drinking More (Deep Wonders Mix)
Angels Of Sound - Angelic Sound (Deep Dreams Mix)
Filler Corporation - Hands Cream (Magic & Deep Mix)
Malvasia - Chemical Trail (Night & Emotion Mix)
Urban People - Told Me All (Deep Massive's Cool Mix)
Deep Project - What You Got (Urban People's Deep Mix)
Expanded Dreams - Forgotten Man (Fitu's Deep House Mix)
Partik Garrauld - Here to Say It Again (Cote D'azure Mix)
Tim Strehelen - Come Here (Azimuth & Deep Mix)
Alexandros Popipokolos - Heartbeat Beat (The Beat of the Beach Mix)
Marshall Wee - Confort Press (House Sonority Mix)
Congagroove - Katarsis (Hypnosis Mix)
Sonoric Groove - Coming (Philippe Martin's Deep House Mix)