VA – House Party (the Music Of Your Party) [Dream Light Records]

Electronic music – an dazzling symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the sphere

Dennis Zak - Sunday Color (Ray Star Cool Mix)
Mitchell Leith - Under Water (Roy Pavilla's Mix)
Henry Tree - Inside Out (Frank & Harmand's House Mix)
Nash Lemoine - Evening Out (K&j's Deep Mix)
Don Palmer - Blue Brick (Elements of House Mix)
Chesley Terence - Strongly Weak (Robin Fux's House Mix)
Unmistakable Emotions - In My Eighties (Intense Journey Mix)
Triple Masher - Definitely Yours (Nighthouse Mix)
Reggie Branson - Mileage (Ricky & Tella House Mix)
Night Howls - Timeless (Limousine & Stars Mix)
Perry Ryker - Whole Week (Matt Nero's Limousine Mix)
Lex Martin - Cure for This (Tony Florence's Fashion Mix)
Sonic Joiners - That's It (Starhouse Mix)