VA – House Night Beats (selected Rhythms) [FMC Phonograph]

House Night Beats!!!
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Marius Rainer - Women to Hate (House & Love's Bass Mix)
Mandragora - Doc in Station (Modell & Mercier's Fashion Mix)
Robert Lee - I Like It (The House of Fashion Mix)
Yanus Hamy - Jumps Around the World (Bass'o Groove's Sequential Mix)
Dino Kenji - Unusual Rhythm (Pastilla Mix)
Angels Of Sound - Alternative Friend (Sumasutra's Soullution Mix)
The Presidents - Foresight (My House Mix)
Christian Beljolio - Backdoor in Heaven (Natural Dreams Mix)
Mark Glass - Hung up Deep (Alexander Sanders Mix)
Timo Sandeman - Fairy Relax (Sunrise Mix)
Frank Donovan, Konko - A New Life Style feat. Konko (Philter Mix)
Philippe Laroche - Is Fresh (Club Sonique's House Mix)
Anthony Kahxi - Gioivo (House Mix)
Sunvibes - Taxy Cabs (Deep Cafè Mix)
Partick Doone - Yes You Can to Do It (Moon Solid Mix)
Frankie Borrel - Analogue Deep (Fashion Modell Project Mix)
Tony Houzee - Deep in the Discoteque (Red Motel Mix)
Guy Rich - In da Deep (House & Rhythms Mix)
George Lavent - Alone or Not Alone (Ioshi Kawashi Mix)
Iles Dumont, Anelise Beaugeste - I Like When You Move feat. Anelise Beaugeste (Clear Beach Mix)