VA – House Beats (house Music All Night Long) [Extacy]

Legislative body Music All Dusk Extensive!Electronic music – an wonderful symbiosis of cultural traditions from on all sides the circle

One Beats - Over the City (Solid Groove Mix)
John Boss - The Fun (Conko Mix)
Suburban Connection - Us Do Everything (Night Mix)
Club 89 - Games on the Sand (Partick Doone's House Mix)
Markus Versus - The Cat with the Boots (Selecta House Mix)
Guy Rich - French Riviera (Plastique Mix)
Titus Fereder - Meridian Line (Republc Mix)
Tony Hub - Happy Island (Night Beach Mix)
Sunray - Natural Experiments (Absolut Progression Mix)
Roger Romero - Lakeside Deck (N.Y.C. Night Mix)
Base One - Hypnotics (Mental Mix)
Yanus Hamy - Jumps Around the World (Bass'o Groove's Sequential Mix)
Harmonix 89 - Please Follow Me (New York City Mix)
Troy Revelton - Respect How Good (Peter Raijcard's House Mix)
Hiroshi Fumo - I'm Not Stupid (Tokyo's Club Mix)
Claude Zimmermann - Sand in My Hands (North Zone Mix)
Ray Karr - Promenade Pour Deux (V6 Deep Mix)
Roger Aston - New System One More Time (Reverse Mix)
Ronny Santos - Living Music (The Club Mix)
Florence Daragona - Other Lifes (Deep Sector Mix)