VA – Hot Summer Selection [Neox Digital]

Various Artists – Hot Summer Selection is the latest release on Neox Digital.
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Majed Zane - I'm Moving On (Original Mix)
A-Z - Don't You Give Up (Deep Control Remix)
George Fetcher - Just Wanna (Original Mix)
Jagin - Summer (Original Mix)
J.A. Project - Hemoglobin (Extended Mix)
Alex Drow - Inception (Original Mix)
Andrey Subbotin - Morocco (Original Mix)
John May - Sugar Lumps (Original Mix)
Andrew Mulhearn - Till Late (Original Mix)
Mekao - Sand Island (Original Mix)
LG - Illusion (Original Mix)
Chronotech - iLife (Original Mix)
Stop Narcotic - Gotta Be (Original Mix)
DPstar - Holidays On The Move (Original Mix)
Dave Silence - Poker (Dave Silence Progressive Mix)
Uachik - The Drop Kick Future (Original Mix)
Club Vission - Symphonica (Original Mix)
DeDrecordz - Behind Clouds (Original Mix)
Reech, Y83 - Snack (Original Mix)
Dmitry Ashin - The Night Piano (Original Mix)