VA – Hooki-sonic Recordings Summer Sampler Year 3 [Hooki-Sonic Recordings]

Welcome to Hooki-Sonic Recordings Summer Sampler Year 3! Killer Electronic Tracks from the label's diverse artist roster.
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

King Hookiss - Forever (Sands of Time Mix)
Minas Portokalis - Music Is My Life (Original Mix)
Sternenton - Lift into the Sky (Original Mix)
Susy Seven - Come with Me (Original Mix)
Athina Niki, Time Away - In Between (Original Mix)
Nemato - Cow Level Is a Lie (Original Mix)
Joxephad - Desire to Dream (Original Mix)
The Soul Elephant - Nobody (Original Mix)
Time Away - Mnemba Reef (Original Mix)
James & Holt - Eastern Rift (Original Mix)
Myth - The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus (Original Mix)
King Hookiss - Words of Praise (Enigmatic Mix)
Time Away - What We Left Behind (Original Mix)
Joxephad - Endless Dream (Original Mix)
The Soul Elephant - Broken Mind (Original Mix)
Tolubai - Colossus of Rhodes (Original Mix)
Erosdancelover - Tropical Wind (125 Bpm Version)
Gelvetta - Miracle (Original Mix)
Athina Niki, Time Away - In Between (Evergreen Symphony Remix)
King Hookiss - Relax (Gregorian Chillout Mix)
Sternenton - Moon Serenade (Original Mix)
Roberto Sass - Zeus at Olympia (Original Mix)
Mati, Angel Falls - Don't Stop Me (Original Mix)
Joxephad - Deep Sea (Original Mix)
Rogue Return - Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Original Mix)
King Hookiss - Dare 2 Dream (Ibiza Night Mix)
Lekue - Soundworlds (Original Mix)
Time Away - The Shipwright's Sentence (Original Mix)
Stiopa, Angel Falls - Closer (Fabbro Remix)
Cat Friendly - The Influence of an Architect (Original Mix)
King Hookiss - 3 Chords (Chillout Remix)
Joxephad - Love for Chillout (Original Mix)
Stiopa, Angel Falls - Clasped Hands (King Hookiss Lounge Mix)
Time Away - Things We Can Change (Original Mix)
The Soul Elephant - Gero (Original Mix)
CommonSen5e - Mr. Dreamaker (Original Mix)
Sternenton - The Crystals (Original Mix)
Nemato - Some Paradox (Original Mix)
Time Away - Dive into the Chromosphere (Original Mix)
The Soul Elephant - Broken Mind (Progressive House Mix)
Joxephad - Beyond the Stratosphere (Original Mix)
Time Away - Ambient Is the Mind (Original Mix)
Paniz69 - Crazy Night (Original Mix)
Joxephad - Deep Jox (Original Mix)
AndAWan - The Great Pyramid of Cheops (Original Mix)
Nemato - Annihilation (Original Mix)
The Soul Elephant - Fragile (Original Mix)
Rogue Return - The Forester's Journey (Original Mix)
Lekue - Sex, Love, Chaos (Original Mix)
Time Away - The Lighthouse of Alexandria (Original Mix)