VA – Hit Explosion: Dance Club [I.H. Music Productions]

Electronic music – an astonishing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the domain

Dj-chart - Wait for You (Original Mix)
Ivory - Ghostbusters (Cuba Club Radio Mix)
Skaei - Have It All (Eddy Chrome Radio Remix)
Neon City Inc., V. J. Sams - Music Shower (Radio Edit)
Dj-chart - Go Power Battle (Original Mix)
Ranieri, Brothers - My Battle (Trvpers Radio Edit)
Dj-chart - I Ame a Duty Killer (Original Mix)
DJ Absinth - Morning Sun (Suzie Kju Radio Remix)
Phunk Foundation - Good Vibration (Paul Attrax Radio Mix)
Dj-chart - Deep House Love (Original Mix)
Paula P'cay, Yan Garen - Up to You (Meven Kurt Remix)
Dj-chart - Popcorn Time (Original Mix)
Dany Dutch, Heather Jeanette - Hard to Love (Original Mix)
Eddy Chrome - Feel It in Your Soul (Vocal Edit)
Dj-chart - In the Deepness (Original Mix)
White Sand - Neverland (Radio Edit)
Dj-chart - Dance to the Beat (Original Mix)
Fritzbeat - Your Hero (Radio Version)
Jaded People - Shining Look (Original Mix)
Dj-chart - All to Reach You (Original Mix)
Bassdevils - Beatmaniac (Dancehall Workout Mix)
Kristof Tigran, Lydia Scarfo - Ticket for Love (Latouche Finale Remix)
Dj-chart - Why I Love You so Much (Original Mix)
Skaei - Into the Blue (Original Mix)
The Boy That Could - Shout (Club House)
Dj-chart - Serial Killer (Original Mix)
Double Deep - People (Tropical House Version)
Miss Caramelle - Higher (Ibiza Mix)
Ivan Herb - Loving You (Original Mix)
Deep Azur - So Blue (Radio Version)
Wolkenlos - You Can (Vocal Deep House Mix)
Dj-chart - Tropical House (Original Mix)
Collective Sound Members - Reach Out (Original Mix)
Syntheticsax, Sarkis Edwards - 2 the Sky (Niko & Dima Smart Remix)
Einstone - Without You (Beachhouse Edit)
Samuraj, Golden Mind - My Heart Is Beating (JB Lacer Remix)
Mykel Mars, Eddy Chrome - You (Afrochuck Radio Edit)
Eva Kade, Alexander Zhakulin - Run Away (Original Mix)
Soul-ty - Free Your Mind (Original Mix)
Ibiza Club Toys - Love and Money (Radio Version)
Dj-chart - My Secret (Original Mix)
Pearls Of Ibiza - I Live My Life (Radio Version)
Dj-chart - Thinking of You (Original Mix)
Jens, Sheeq - T.N.T. (Original Mix)
Fantomen - Every Day (Club Edit)
Dj-chart - Without You (Original Mix)
Starlounge - Head up High (Mykel Mars Tropical House Remix)
Stephen Kay - Keep It Coming (Classic Club Mix)
Luis Amarillo - Breathe (Radio Edit)
Dj-chart - Deep House (Original Mix)
American Groove Junkies - Reach You (House Lounge Mix)
Crew 7 - Eye of the Tiger (Sunset Crew Radio Edit)
Elle G - Sweet Dreams (Vocal House Mix)
Dj-chart - Do You Love Me (Original Mix)
House Lovers - Lovedrops of Humanism (Disco Edit)
Dj-chart - Weekend (Original Mix)
HiFi Deluxe - Who What Why (Original Mix)
Maurizio Piacente - Leave Me on a Dancefloor (Original Mix)
Einstone - Without You (Bikini Session Mix)
Lightyear - Finally (Club Dance Mix)
Dj-chart - House Plucked (Original Mix)
Purenergy - Heaven in Your Arms (DJ the Bass Sunset Extended Mix)
California Sun - Touch the Sky (Mykel Mars Remix)
Dj-chart - Walking in My Shoes (Original Mix)
Andy Stroke, Tale & Dutch - Funk (Radio Edit)
Sunrise Electro - One Time (Trance Edit)
Iridama - Color My World (Gucci One Extended Mix)
Dj-chart - This Is Love (Original Mix)
Everbeat - Wonderful Son (Original Mix)
Ibiza Groove Squad - I Don't (DJ Absinth EDM Remix)