VA – Hightechno [Massive Dark Digital]

come out with from Enormous Doleful DigitalElectronic music – an staggering symbiosis of cultural traditions from everywhere the life

Housephonics - The Player (Original Mix)
Karl Stein - The Past (Original Mix)
Little Green Man - East Coast (Original Mix)
Luidelire - 4 Years Ago (Original Mix)
Minimal Law - Untitled (Original Mix)
Patrick Slayer - Fly With Me (Original Mix)
Vocksel - Brainstorm (Original Mix)
Patrick Slayer - Narrow Alley (Housephonics Remix)
Victor Bascu - Underworld (Original Mix)
Nick K, wHispeRer - If I Were Hard With You Wav (Original Mix)
Dav'bond - Fight Me (Original Mix)
Dignmy - Last Note Of The Past (Original Mix)
Ferran Aguado - Moon (Original Mix)
Joyce Medi - Storm (Original Mix)
Sammy La Marca - Diego (Original Mix)