VA – Hidden Face’s On The Oddities [Mephyst]

Distributed by Triplepoint – this is the first, A variety of artists by MEPHYST, presenting monstrous artists of the globule, extraordinary countries in a liberate, also includes innumerable Colombian artists, Mephyst of supporting Colombia Colombian artists. expectations are stiff with this let off.

Vertical Spectrum - Polar Rotation (Original Mix)
Vegim - Omega Beats (Original Mix)
Def4z - Deep Autum (Original Mix)
Another Vision - Other Space (Original Mix)
Modular Phaze - Black Silhouette (Original Mix)
Drop-E - Exhaustive Search (Original Mix)
Aleja Sanchez - Black Code (Original Mix)
ArchivOne - Black Rain (Original Mix)
Ðiagram - Premoniciones (Original Mix)
Dr Cyanide - Ryhthm Destroyer (Original Mix)
Juan Trujillo - Ironix (Original Mix)
Sintoma - Numerical Control (Original Mix)
Diagonal - Reflujo Cerebral (Original Mix)
Alessan Main - Jeal Rotary (Original Mix)
O. Lopez Beat - Cold Heart (Original Mix)
Prisma - The Theme Of The Dancers (Original Mix)
Tomas Kunkel - Search Deeply (Original Mix)
Tsynth - As High As The Acid (Original Mix)
Jose Monsalve - 444 (Original Mix)
Ripple - Motion Wave (Original Mix)
Formal Method - Fear Of Nothing And Everything (Original Mix)
V3nturyfox - Dimensión Desconocida (Original Mix)
Jnnj - Points Within The Brain (Original Mix)
Disco&Bass - Side 1 (Original Mix)
Engineer - Mechanizer (Original Mix)
Dunkel Dame - Resiliency (Original Mix)
BILY - Gizmo (Original Mix)
Facundo Fernandez - Jess (Original Mix)
Aneed - Distopyan (Original Mix)
Bhipølar Thransistør - Monument (Original Mix)