VA – Hdc Present: Back To 1998 & 1999 [Hard Dance Coalition]

Move backwards withdraw from To 98 & 99

30 Big Rocklike Building Anthems
Including tracks from Tony De Vit, Child Doc, Rachel Auburn, Hyperlogic, Razor Babes, BK, Perspicacity Bashers, Mussed-up Dubs, Ian M, UK Gold, Bulletproof, Max & Amino, Paul Monarch, The Layout, Trauma, F1 & Varied More….

Tony De Vit - The Dawn (Original Mix)
The Project - Meltdown (OD404 Remix)
Hyperlogic - Only Me (12 Inch Version)
Trauma - Higher (Original Mix)
OD404 - Prankster (Original Mix)
F1 - Cuz I'm Rockin' (Original Mix)
OD404 - X-Press (X-Ploration Mix)
Rim Shot - Everybody On The Floor (Rachel Auburn Remix)
Bulletproof - Mistakes (Original Mix)
Max & Amino - Let The Bass Kick (Original Mix)
The Project - Shout It Out (F1 Remix)
Paul King - Kick It In (Original Mix)
Razor Babes - Come On Baby (Original Mix)
Max & Amino - No More Music (Original Mix)
Brain Bashers - I've Got The Power '98 (Untidy Dub)
Various Artists - Back To 98 & 99 (Continuous DJ Mix 98)
Brain Bashers - Dance To The House (Cheeky Mix)
Ian M - Dreamer (Original Mix)
Tony De Vit - Are You All Ready (Original Mix)
OD404 - 9 Bar (BK Remix)
OD404 - Fireball (Original Mix)
F1 - Alright (Original Mix)
Cunaro & Dean - It's About Time (UK Gold Remix)
Untidy Dubs - R.I.P. (Original Mix)
Baby Doc - Ploughmans Lunch (Original Mix)
OD404 - Don't Stop (Dub)
Max & Amino - Pump The Funk (Original Mix)
Pants & Corset - Who Killed Kenny (Original Mix)
Brain Bashers - Do It Now (1999 Remix)
OD404 - Tease It (Original Mix)
OD404 - Prozac 6 (Original Mix)
Various Artists - Back To 98 & 99 (Continuous DJ Mix 99)