VA – Hate Me [The Cartel Side]

Heres another paradigmatic album by tha Don hitting you with some gangsta shit definitel again for the 2016 so get this new album with nothing but valid g music!!

Chito, spookie, mr.clever - Living Like Stars(Feat. Chito, Spookie) (original mix)
Wicked, Tiny, mr.clever - U Vatos Iz Levas(Feat. Wicked, Tiny) (original mix)
Lyrik, mr.clever, Opel won - Hating on My Game(Feat. Opel won, Lyrik) (original mix)
mr.clever, Rudy loc - Do Our Thang(Feat. Rudy loc) (original mix)
mr.clever, Opel won - Making That Mula(Feat. Opel won) (original mix)
Bandit, mr.clever, Rudy loco - West Coast Locos(Feat. Rudy loco, Bandit) (original mix)
mr.clever, rudy loko - I Bring That Gd up Shit(Feat. Rudy loko) (original mix)
Wicked, Tiny, mr.clever - 714 to the 310(Feat. Tiny, Wicked) (original mix)
mr.clever, Opel won - Classifications(Feat. opel won) (original mix)
Wicked, mr.clever - Compton(Feat. wicked) (original mix)
mr.clever, rudy loko - The Connection(Feat. Rudy loko) (original mix)
SLG, mr.clever, Ese Bobby - Riding High(Feat. Ese Bobby, Slg) (original mix)
westside cartel, mr.clever - Stacks over Stacks(Feat. Westside Cartel) (original mix)