VA – Harvest [GreenTree Records]

GreenTree Records celebrates its first decade of life, and for this
special occasion, label djs Roy and Foose have teamed up and
created the GoAthletes project.
They now proudly presents Harvest.
This compilation contains an exquisite selection of tracks from the
GreenTree digital-only back catalogue and also a special bonus track,
thats been released exclusively on this cd!

Astropilot, Cloower Wooma - Forræderi (feat. Cloower Wooma) (Nibana Remix)
Journey - The Outlander (Original Mix)
ArtFix - The Ayahuasca Experience (Original Mix)
H-Sunrise - Winked Out (Original Mix)
Over Emotions - Demons In My Head (Original Mix)
D-ther - Aftermath (2015 Edit)
Lucid Mantra - Cosmic Balance (Original Mix)
Hashashin - Magnetic Sphere (Original Mix)
Morphogenetic Fields - Slow Performance (Bonus Track)